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Shortcode Service

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Shortcode SMS Service is a reception mechanism used to receive SMS messages using a shared / dedicated short code number. Shortcode SMS service is available in two modes.

Dedicated ShortCode SMS Service:
Dedicated shortcode is the mechanism to receive all incoming SMS received on a dedicated shortcode number.
Ex: Compose and sent to 5424204

Shared ShortCode SMS Service:
Shared shortcode is the cheapest mechanism to receive SMS and it works on the basis of keyword (keyword is a unique word which is assigned to the shortcode number). The shortcode number is shared with multiple customers.
Ex: Compose and sent to 54242

Free auto-response can be configured for both shared and dedicated shortcode. In addition to automatic reply, by enabling URL forwarding you can pass the mobile number and message content to any URL.

Features of Shortcode SMS Service

  • Web based application to view your received SMS.
  • Free Auto Reply
  • SMS Forwarding
  • Email Forwarding
  • URL Configuration (for application integration)
  • Reseller Facility
  • Unlimited Sub Keywords
  • Web Base Controlpanel
  • Real Time Reporting